Wow! It’s Been A While Hasn’t It?

Okay, so I haven’t posted to this page in forever! Time to change that!

I’m planning on getting back into the gaming scene very soon, hopefully to do some actual gaming as well as publishing. My time is still pretty much consumed with my job in the “real” world, and with the family and such, but I’m hoping I’ll be able to carve out some “moi” time to do the things I’ve loved doing for most of my life. I’ll be tackling several of the projects that I’ve had listed for, well, forever, such as ACES, Heroes of Legend, and various 4C System ideas I’ve been floating around.

One of the projects I’ve been dwelling on of late is an upgrade to the 4C System itself. My idea is to do an entire reload of the original document. I’ll address some of the issues that folks had problems with, like adding a complete section on magic, headquarters design, and various others.

Keep checking back from time to time. I’ll be posting as often as I can, so there will be new content as I come up with it. Thanks!

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Threat Record Issue #2 Has Arrived!

iss2covthmbIt’s finally finished! Threat Record Issue #2 is finally done, and is on sale now at all OBS storefronts! It’s packed with 32 pages of 4C awesomeness!

In this issue you get five wicked Martial Arts Styles from around the world including Ninjutsu, Silambam, Bak Mei, Bokator, and of course, Karate. Each of the five 4C NPCs is a practitioner of one of the afore-mentioned arts, and each has a suggested scenario to introduce them to your group of player characters. We also introduce you to the Fine Art of Fighting, an article on the fighting arts of SMITE, a 4C Fantasy setting from Silverlion Studios. There’s also an article covering Martial Arts weaponry from around the globe; nunchucks, shuriken, and katanas, oh my!

So what are you waiting for? Go to RPGNow, or DriveThruRPG, and get some now!

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Simple Sixes goes POD!

For those seeking a lite, easy to learn gaming system to help get new players interested in role playing games, Simple Sixes is the rules set for you! We’ve offered Simple Sixes as a free download here at Keck Publishing, and at RPGNow and DriveThruRPG, but for those of you wanting the solid book feel, it is now available at our storefront for the low price of $8.50 + shipping & handling. Get yours today!

Support independent publishing: buy this book on Lulu.

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Side Trek Scenarios! An Add-On Mini-Adventure for One Shot Adventures!

Keck Publishing announces the coming release of Side Trek Scenarios, mini-adventures or encounters that can be thrown in with published One Shot Adventures! Each Side Trek is designed to work with, or independently of, its parent One Shot. Side Treks are intended to enrich the setting of each One Shot Adventure with additional information about areas mentioned but not covered in detail.

The first Side Trek Scenario is titled The Goblins of Blood Wood, a mini-romp into a goblin lair within the Blood Wood Forest of the Days of Knights One Shot Adventure. The characters can clear out the lair, in hopes of making the forest safer for everyone who travels its trails, or simply seek out whatever treasures that may lie hidden within the dank, dark tunnels below Blood Wood. This Side Trek also introduces a new skill, Miracle Working, and several Miracles for a character with the skill to use. Also included are several new creatures that are native to Blood Wood.

The Goblins of Blood Wood will be available for download soon from DriveThruRPG and RPGNow for a low price of $4.00. Keep watching here for the latest announcements!

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One Shot Adventures! Supernova, Coming Soon!

The second installment of our One Shot Adventures line of scenarios will be up for sale very soon at DriveThruRPG and RPGNow. This scenario is a Sci-Fi adventure set in the distant future in a galaxy not unlike our own. The characters are members of a crew of the independent freighter Easy Money. Hired to deliver an expensive cargo to a mining colony, they are knocked out of hyperspace right into the middle of a planetary siege in an uncharted star system. Things heat up as their ship takes some heavy damage that forces them to land on the beleaguered planet for repairs, only to be coerced into assisting the alien populace in saving their world.

Like all One Shot Adventures, Supernova offers ten pre-generated character templates for players to choose from. The lite rules system is simple, and easy to learn, and teach to new players. You can use Supernova to teach new players about role playing, or as a quick and simple adventure for your regular players when you are between campaigns, or when some of them can’t make it for game night, and you don’t want to leave their characters behind.

Supernova will hopefully be available for download before Christmas, so keep an eye out for future announcements here!!!

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Days of Knights on sale NOW!

Days of Knights, the first in a series of adventures designed to help introduce new players to the role playing hobby, is on sale now at DriveThruRPG and RPGNow! Get yours today!

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[WEG] Septimus Pre-Orderers to be refunded soon?

Eric Gibson has recently posted a claim that those who pre-ordered Bill Coffin’s Septimus long ago will soon be receiving their refunds. So far, he has posted a message on the main WEG website and at the WEG Fan Forums.

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One Shot Adventures!

Keck Publishing announces the upcoming release of its very first PDF product, One Shot Adventures!  One Shot Adventures are scenarios set in various genres and use a quick and simple dice mechanic that can be learned in a flash.  Each adventure comes with a number of pre-generated character templates that players may choose from that will get them playing almost immediately.  Of course, if you’re an experienced role player and aren’t happy with the characters presented, the lite rules include a complete character generation system that allows you to build the character of your choice within five minutes or less!

One Shot Adventures is intended to help get new players involved in the role playing hobby by introducing them to simple rules and role playing concepts that are a basis for most any other role playing game on the market.  They are also intended to be a fun mini-adventure for established role players to use when one or two members of your group have to miss a session, or your group is ‘between’ games.  A quick study of the adventure outline will familiarize the Game Master in a matter of minutes, so the game can begin almost instantly.

The first installment of One Shot Adventures is Days of Knights, a simple fantasy role playing adventure pitting the player characters against a wicked king and his evil sorcerer.  The characters must brave the perils set before them to defeat an ancient dragon summoned by the evil wizard Elemsor and to rescue the beautiful Princess Calliope from the clutches of King Tambor.  Typical fantasy fun and adventure!

One Shot Adventures will be available for download from DriveThru RPG or RPGNow very soon, so keep an eye out for release information here!

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Flying Pen Press announces Of Dice and Pen anthology

Flying Pen Press announces an anthology of short stories by professional game industry people, titled: Of Dice and Pen.  The anthology is due out August 1st and will be sold at GenCon, at the ICE booth.

Buy it now at B&N

Buy it now at B&N

Authors include:

Gary Gygax and K.R.Bourgoine, A Wizard’s Thief (Gary’s last Gord story)
Rick Loomis, Xavier’s Story
Andrew Looney, Message in a Bottle, Delusions of Hunger, and The Emperor Must Die
Matt Forbeck, Prometheus Unwound
Elizabeth T. Danforth, Imp Possible Situations
Chris Clark, A Christmas Story, Bad Day At The Office, Beauracracy, and Sweet Silence of Solitude
Lisa Steenson, Space 28
Curt Covert, PSY_JACK
Catherine G. Thomson, The Book Sorter
Graeme Thomson, Under the Tuscan Snow
Jason S. Walters, Lefty Sanchez Reporting
Andy Vetromile, Fear of Success
Carey Grayson, The Vegetarian
David Wainio, A Homecoming, and Legend of Santa Claus
James L. Cambias, Murder in Messidor
Tim Pelzel, The Sweetness of Suffering
Thomas Rafalski, A Taint Upon the Kingdom
Lee Kamberos,  The Dark Side Of Choice
Patrick Matthews, The Queen’s Gambit

ISBN 978-0-9818957-2-7, trade paperback, $17.95.
Will be available to the trade through Ingram, Baker & Taylor, and

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West End Games

I suppose that most everyone into role playing now knows that Eric Gibson, owner/operator of West End Games has declared that he is getting out of the business and that WEG and its string of IPs is going on the auction block.  This statement was made after a lengthy argument between himself and long-time heckler Dana Jorgensen over at the RPGnet forums.  Mr. Gibson posted his intentions at RPGnet and asked to be permanently banned as a result of all the negative remarks hurled at him by Jorgensen and others in a thread where several upset, former customers of WEG made justifiable complaints about not receiving a refund or alternate product after the failed launch of Bill Coffin’s Septimus RPG under WEG’s D6 system.  Mr. Gibson followed up with similar posts at his own forums and declared that he would be accepting bids on the various properties in a piecemeal type auction.  Shortly after making the statements, he issued another post declaring that he would be out of town for at least a week and that any offers made would have to wait for a response until he returned.

Now the question is whether Mr. Gibson is really going to give up his company or sell off a couple of his least favorite IPs in order to gain some money with which to pay off those consumers that invested in the pre-order of the Septimus RPG and then try to revive WEG on his own.  From statements made in the heat of the moment, it appears he is determined to drop WEG like a hand grenade and run for his life.  Perhaps a week off to cool down a bit will change his mind.  If not, there are several interested parties already lined up to make their offers to Mr. Gibson for various chunks of the properties he controls.

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