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Wow! It’s Been A While Hasn’t It?

Okay, so I haven’t posted to this page in forever! Time to change that! I’m planning on getting back into the gaming scene very soon, hopefully to do some actual gaming as well as publishing. My time is still pretty much consumed with my job in the “real” world, and with the family and such, […]

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West End Games

I suppose that most everyone into role playing now knows that Eric Gibson, owner/operator of West End Games has declared that he is getting out of the business and that WEG and its string of IPs is going on the auction block.  This statement was made after a lengthy argument between himself and long-time heckler […]

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OpenD6 in the works!

Since the cancellation of Bill Coffin’s Septimus project some weeks ago, Eric Gibson has declared that he now will have more time to focus on OpenD6, formerly designated FreeD6 by myself and other hangers on over at West End Games forums.  This is happy news to many independent publishers such as myself and others. Gibson […]

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D6 Septimus has been canceled…

Eric Gibson, owner/operator of West End Games, has finally posted the cancellation of the upcoming D6 sci-fi game Septimus by author Bill Coffin.  This comes after the game’s release date had been pushed back for several months and without much of a word at all to those who have been anxiously awaiting its release, especially […]

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Hats off to the passing of another great artist…

Sir Arthur C Clarke, author of the great sci-fi epic 2001: A Space Odyssey which spurred a phenomenal film adaptation and a sequel based on his second novel in the Odyssey series, died today at his home in Sri Lanka at the age of 90 from complications with post-polio syndrome, a condition he had been […]

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West End Games – When will Free D6 Arrive?

So, a few months ago Eric Gibson, the owner of the current iteration of West End Games, posted on the company’s forums that he intends to release the D6 system under an open license that would allow anyone desiring to publish their own setting material for free. So far, it has been almost four months […]

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Welcome to Role Players Direct!

You might be asking yourself, ‘What happened to Role Players Direct?’ As you can see, we’ve taken it from a standard web page to the blog style that everyone seems to enjoy using these days. But wait, there’s more! Role Players Direct is transforming in other ways as well. We are about to offer the […]

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