One Shot Adventures!

Keck Publishing announces the upcoming release of its very first PDF product, One Shot Adventures!  One Shot Adventures are scenarios set in various genres and use a quick and simple dice mechanic that can be learned in a flash.  Each adventure comes with a number of pre-generated character templates that players may choose from that will get them playing almost immediately.  Of course, if you’re an experienced role player and aren’t happy with the characters presented, the lite rules include a complete character generation system that allows you to build the character of your choice within five minutes or less!

One Shot Adventures is intended to help get new players involved in the role playing hobby by introducing them to simple rules and role playing concepts that are a basis for most any other role playing game on the market.  They are also intended to be a fun mini-adventure for established role players to use when one or two members of your group have to miss a session, or your group is ‘between’ games.  A quick study of the adventure outline will familiarize the Game Master in a matter of minutes, so the game can begin almost instantly.

The first installment of One Shot Adventures is Days of Knights, a simple fantasy role playing adventure pitting the player characters against a wicked king and his evil sorcerer.  The characters must brave the perils set before them to defeat an ancient dragon summoned by the evil wizard Elemsor and to rescue the beautiful Princess Calliope from the clutches of King Tambor.  Typical fantasy fun and adventure!

One Shot Adventures will be available for download from DriveThru RPG or RPGNow very soon, so keep an eye out for release information here!

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