One Shot Adventures! Supernova, Coming Soon!

The second installment of our One Shot Adventures line of scenarios will be up for sale very soon at DriveThruRPG and RPGNow. This scenario is a Sci-Fi adventure set in the distant future in a galaxy not unlike our own. The characters are members of a crew of the independent freighter Easy Money. Hired to deliver an expensive cargo to a mining colony, they are knocked out of hyperspace right into the middle of a planetary siege in an uncharted star system. Things heat up as their ship takes some heavy damage that forces them to land on the beleaguered planet for repairs, only to be coerced into assisting the alien populace in saving their world.

Like all One Shot Adventures, Supernova offers ten pre-generated character templates for players to choose from. The lite rules system is simple, and easy to learn, and teach to new players. You can use Supernova to teach new players about role playing, or as a quick and simple adventure for your regular players when you are between campaigns, or when some of them can’t make it for game night, and you don’t want to leave their characters behind.

Supernova will hopefully be available for download before Christmas, so keep an eye out for future announcements here!!!

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