Side Trek Scenarios! An Add-On Mini-Adventure for One Shot Adventures!

Keck Publishing announces the coming release of Side Trek Scenarios, mini-adventures or encounters that can be thrown in with published One Shot Adventures! Each Side Trek is designed to work with, or independently of, its parent One Shot. Side Treks are intended to enrich the setting of each One Shot Adventure with additional information about areas mentioned but not covered in detail.

The first Side Trek Scenario is titled The Goblins of Blood Wood, a mini-romp into a goblin lair within the Blood Wood Forest of the Days of Knights One Shot Adventure. The characters can clear out the lair, in hopes of making the forest safer for everyone who travels its trails, or simply seek out whatever treasures that may lie hidden within the dank, dark tunnels below Blood Wood. This Side Trek also introduces a new skill, Miracle Working, and several Miracles for a character with the skill to use. Also included are several new creatures that are native to Blood Wood.

The Goblins of Blood Wood will be available for download soon from DriveThruRPG and RPGNow for a low price of $4.00. Keep watching here for the latest announcements!

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