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I suppose that most everyone into role playing now knows that Eric Gibson, owner/operator of West End Games has declared that he is getting out of the business and that WEG and its string of IPs is going on the auction block.  This statement was made after a lengthy argument between himself and long-time heckler Dana Jorgensen over at the RPGnet forums.  Mr. Gibson posted his intentions at RPGnet and asked to be permanently banned as a result of all the negative remarks hurled at him by Jorgensen and others in a thread where several upset, former customers of WEG made justifiable complaints about not receiving a refund or alternate product after the failed launch of Bill Coffin’s Septimus RPG under WEG’s D6 system.  Mr. Gibson followed up with similar posts at his own forums and declared that he would be accepting bids on the various properties in a piecemeal type auction.  Shortly after making the statements, he issued another post declaring that he would be out of town for at least a week and that any offers made would have to wait for a response until he returned.

Now the question is whether Mr. Gibson is really going to give up his company or sell off a couple of his least favorite IPs in order to gain some money with which to pay off those consumers that invested in the pre-order of the Septimus RPG and then try to revive WEG on his own.  From statements made in the heat of the moment, it appears he is determined to drop WEG like a hand grenade and run for his life.  Perhaps a week off to cool down a bit will change his mind.  If not, there are several interested parties already lined up to make their offers to Mr. Gibson for various chunks of the properties he controls.

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